School Hours & After Hours Access

The school day starts at 8:25am and finishes at 3:25pm
Period 1 lessons begin at 8:35am.

Break/Lunch Procedure

Marsden Middle and Upper School
No pupil may leave the school grounds during the morning break or at any other time during the day without permission from the School.

Marsden Senior School
Students may go to the Karori shops at lunchtime. They may go to their own home for lunch if they live in Karori. Students' behaviour in the community should be of the highest standard at all times.  Uniform must be impeccable.

Access to School Buildings Outside of School Hours

Our school buildings are unlocked at 7.30am and locked again at 5pm from Monday to Thursday and 4pm on Friday.  Students from Years 7 to 13 are welcome indoors between these hours.  An exception to this is the i-centre, which has three late nights: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, where students from Years 10 to 13 are welcome to study until 6 pm. The i-centre is the only space available for study outside classroom hours, with the exception of the Common Room, which is available to seniors until 5pm Monday to Thursday. Entry to any school building outside these times must be by prior arrangement and adult supervision must be on hand.

Of course there are many early morning, evening and weekend coaching sessions, practices and events. Students are welcome inside the designated building when staff and/ or coaches are on site. For reasons of personal safety, however, we cannot have students inside school buildings without supervision. It is essential that we know who is on site at any given time.

Please ensure that your daughter is not dropped off too early or required to remain on school premises outside supervised hours as we are unable to take responsibility for her safety at these times.