What your child will learn.

We aim for our curriculum to be relevant, challenging and engaging for each of our students.

What do we teach at Marsden?

At Marsden our teaching is based around the New Zealand National Curriculum. Within this framework (as an Independent/Private School) we choose the most relevant aspects for our students. All children have specialists for Chinese, Library, Physical Education and Music.

How do we teach?

Children will be taught using a differentiated approach in order for them to achieve their best. Special needs are assessed and catered for. We use Renzulli's methodology to extend our gifted students within the classroom setting.
If you would like to find out more about the specific learning objectives and learning outcomes within your child's class, please do not hesitate to contact the classroom teacher.

Bring Your Own Device BYOD

Girls in Years 3-6 are welcome to bring a digital device such as an iPad to use in class. Please discuss with your daughter's teacher for further advice.


As standard procedure all stationery will be supplied by the school and is covered by the school fee.  We are careful to keep charges to a minimum. 

How will you know your child is progressing?

Please feel free to talk to your child's teacher on a regular basis. Our teachers are always keen to relate your child's progress to you. If you would like to talk at length please make an appointment via Jo Sherlock P: 476 8792 ext 832.

New Students

Six weeks after your child's arrival you will receive a letter outlining your child's initial progress. You are welcome to follow this up with an interview with your child's teacher.

Written Assessments

National Standard, curriculum focused reports and a summary of PAT and STAR results (at appropriate years) will be sent home to you twice a year.
Portfolios are created electronically and are completed twice a year.

Parent Interviews

Across the Primary School, interviews are held twice a year in Term 1 and Term 3.