What is expected of your child?

At Marsden we expect a high standard of behaviour at all times. We show respect to each other and treat people and property with care. Kindness is paramount and is expected from our children, staff and families.


The School has a formal policy on discipline which includes specific guidelines for behaviour modification. Staff will discuss behaviour concerns with parents should they arise.

KiVa Programme

The internationally succesful KiVa anti-bullying programme is taught across the Primary School and any issues are dealt with via this programme. Any issues of bullying are referred to our dedicated KiVa teachers. Bullying has three components:
  • Harm is meant
  • The actions are repeated over time
  • The actions come from a position of power
If you have any concerns about bullying towards or by your child please alert us immediately. The success rate of this programme is impressive, and by working as a team, we can help to maintain a happy school with happy children.


The following areas are OUT OF BOUNDS, except when given permission by a staff member:
  • the terrace path in front of the main office block
  • the rear driveway from Music to the Intermediate block