Bus & General Information

Bus Service

Marsden runs a number of school buses to Wellington suburbs. The buses arrive and depart from the Vera Street entrance. See Bus Page for details.

There is a duty teacher who monitors the children as they leave Marsden at the end of the day. The buses depart from Vera Street at 3:35pm/3:40pm. Younger children can be buddied with an older student travelling on the same bus. Please speak to your child's teacher to arrange this.

We also operate school shuttle services from Eastbourne and Seatoun.

Bus Safety rules

  • No eating or drinking on the bus
  • Primary children should be seated towards the front of the bus.
  • All children must obey the driver at all times
  • Children must ensure that they are on the bus at the appropriate times.


The following areas are OUT OF BOUNDS, except when given permission by a staff member:
  • the terrace path in front of the main office block
  • the rear driveway from Music to the Intermediate block.

Disability Access

Currently wheelchair access is possible in the main Primary School building and in the ground floor of Clere House.

Driving in School Grounds

No cars are to be driven into or parked in the school grounds unless permission has been given by the school.  Mothers with babies may park on the driveway.

Library Books

Once a week, each child will have a School Library visit, and is able to borrow books to take home. Children are also able to use the library on certain days of the week during their lunch break to exchange library books.

Any book, (library/text or any other school property) which is damaged or lost, must be replaced by the pupils responsible.

​Lost Property

​We encourage children to take responsibility for their own property.Lost property is kept in the cupboard downstairs from Jo Sherlock's office. These items are put on display from time to time and if unclaimed will be removed.

Please ensure that all property that your child brings to school is clearly marked or labelled.

All articles found which are clearly marked with your child's name will be returned to them. Unnamed/unclaimed lunch boxes will be disposed of regularly.

Medical Issues

We have a dedicated Health and Wellbeing team at Marsden who are able to help our students is whatever way they can. 

Children should stay home until 24 hours after the last incident of vomiting and diarrhea, or if their temperature is elevated. 

Any child with a contagious disease must remain at home until such time as it is no longer contagious. Our School Nurse will be happy to advise you. Please call 04 476 8792 ext 819 to speak with her.

Any pupil who contracts head lice must remain at home until it has been treated.

The school will contact you if you child is unwell and needs to go home. The School Nurse will assist sick children and will care for them in the medical room until parents arrive to collect them.

Stationery & Bring Your Own Device

Stationery such as exercise books will be supplied by the school, and this is covered by the school fee.

Girls in Years 3–6 are encouraged to bring a digital device such as an iPad or a Chromebook to use in class. If you would like further advice, please discuss this with your child's teacher. We also have a school set of iPads for shared use.


Formal class and individual photos are taken in Term 1.

Formal Cultural and Sports photos are taken in Term 4.

Restricted items

Please do not bring the following items to school:
  • electronic toys/games
  • chewing gum and sweets
  • precious or special toys