Marsden Parents' Association Minutes of Meetings

The following process is currently under review by the MPA Committee and will be confirmed or amended shortly 28/2/2019

Minutes from the Marsden Parents' Association Committee meetings will be available to all Marsden parents after each MPA meeting. Parents will be advised when new minutes are available via the weekly Marsden Newsletter.

The Minutes will be stored in an MPA folder in the common documents area of our MyMarsden Portal and accessible using your MyMarsden Portal login. (This login is supplied by the school so parents can view their child's reports, accounts and receipts, etc).  If you do not know your MyMarsden Portal login details, please email mymarsdenportal@marsden.school.nz for assistance.

For any other queries regarding the Minutes please contact the MPA secretary, Gail Thomason at marsdenparents@gmail.com.