School Exams

Marsden School Exams - Term 3 2018


The Marsden Karori School Exam timetable for Term 3 2018 will be posted here. If you have any queries, please see Mrs Adair Grant in her office.

Notes to accompany attached timetable PDF (see links at left)


Students must be present for marshalling.  Marshalling takes place in the Auditorium.  Marshalling entails checking absences, calculator clearing, equipment checking and giving out notices.  Students may be late entering the exam if they are late for marshalling as checking must still occur. No additional time at the end of an exam is provided for a late arrival.
  • Morning exams:  Marshalling at 8.30am for 9am start
  • Afternoon exams: Marshalling at 12.50pm for 1.15 start

Student Examination Briefing

Students will be briefed about examination attendance, conditions of assessment and special circumstances on Monday 21st August.  It is important students understand that examination rules must be adhered to in order for their results to have integrity.

SAC students

Near the exam week SAC students will each receive a written timetable to ensure they know where and when their exams start and finish etc.  Extra time allowances for Extended Time and Rest Breaks is given prior to the usual starting time.  

Signing up for Scholarship, AS Biology and ASEnglish(Poetry) examinations

Any student sitting at least one Scholarship examination should sign up to sit one Scholarship exam on Saturday morning.  Further Scholarship examinations can be fitted around other exams and students must sign up for these.  Year 12 students must sign up for AS Biology and AS English(Poetry) exams.  To sign up please complete the details on the booking sheets in the foyer of the Common Room - we will then expect the student at marshalling for that session and arrange for the paper to be available at that time.  Please complete these bookings by Friday 4th August.  Some sessions have limited availability. 

Study days - Year 13, Years 11&12

Students may study at home or in the iCentre.  Teachers will be in iCentre at start of normal class times for revision assistance if required.