Cultural Awards

Please contact Cultural Coordinator Sarah Wilson via email by the middle of Term 3 if you feel that your daughter has an achievement that could contribute towards an award at this level.

The Cultural Awards Evening

The Cultural Awards Evening is held in the Auditorium in the first week of Term 4 to recognise the talents and achievements of students across the cultural aspects of the school. Colours, Certificates of High Achievement and Certificates of Service are awarded annually in recognition of cultural achievements. There is also an award for Service Colours. 
This is an opportunity for us to acknowledge cultural excellence, commitment and service and to thank those who volunteer their time to assist with culture at Marsden.

In addition to the above awards, there is also:

The Harcourt McKenzie Cup for the Pursuit of a Career in the Stage and Screen Arts

This cup is to recognise and encourage students who show the potential for a career in the stage or screen arts, for example in production design, writing, digital animation, directing, producing, music composition, lighting, sound design, costuming. The Harcourt McKenzie Cup is given in gratitude to Marsden for the support the school offered Old Girls Miranda Harcourt (1972 — 79) and daughter Thomasin McKenzie (2013 — 18) who have had prominent careers in the screen industry nationally and internationally.

The Sophie Evans Cup for Performing Arts

This is awarded to a student who has excelled as an individual in her chosen cultural activity, both within and outside of school.

The Old Girls’ Cup for Cultural Involvement

This award reflects the contribution by a senior student to the Primary, Middle, Upper and Senior Schools in regards to cultural activities. It may be for performance or for assistance behind the scenes.

The Orr-McFaull Cup for Excellence in Debating

This is awarded to a student who has shown ability in and commitment to debating and encouraged its development at school.

The Thurlby Cup

This award is presented on behalf of the Bowie family for achievement in cultural activities.

The Year 11 Speech Cup

This is awarded to a student in Year 11, based on an NCEA assessment completed earlier in the year.

Honours Bars

These are awarded to students who have been selected to represent their country, for example through performance with the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Choir.

Students are nominated by staff, based on the records kept of their involvement. They may also nominate themselves. Consideration is given to cultural activities both in and out of school time, such as music examinations, selection into national youth choirs or orchestras etc.