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If the shoe fits… 
You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. You can see if I’m onto something here by checking out your own line up of footwear.  They tell a bit of a story don’t they – about where you go and what you do?  They can reflect your personality too. So, do you favour glamour heels and patent leathers or pretty much live in comfortable flats or trainers? Maybe it’s jandals for you all year long? And how many sports shoes are there in the cupboard? What about boots and comfy slippers? And then, of course, there’s the don’t-need-shoes-at-all days when barefoot is the go. 
So how many shoes is too many?  I’ll leave that one to you! It’s a moot point anyway because it’s not about the number of pairs you own – it’s about their purposes. We all know even our favourite pair of shoes isn’t suitable for every occasion.  Something flimsy that’s ok for a walk in the park simply won’t cut it when out tramping. We’ve probably all had a couple of days when we’ve somehow had to get by in the wrong shoes – they’re the ones you spend hours rueing the moment you chose cute or new over practical because it’s spoilt everything! It’s not easy to enjoy yourself or get the job done when the basics aren’t right. 
One thing we already know for sure about this year, no matter what our varied past experiences, is that some days will be just like that walk in the park, some will involve that really tough mountain climb and others will be somewhere in between.  It’s why we all need to keep a well-supplied toolkit handy so we can reach into and dig out what we need when we need it.  Assuming you’ve sorted the shoe issue, what you need in that toolkit are things like the right resources, the right thinking, the right attitude and the right character strengths. 
We’re excited that wellbeing strategies will be embedded in all learning contexts this year so we can work on upgrading and adding to our personal toolkits. Being well-equipped for life makes the going so much easier and sets us up for success. It begins with knowing how to choose the combination of strategies any particular situation requires.  With practice, these choices become second nature and it’s no longer about the tools themselves, but about who they help us become, and what they enable us to achieve. 

Our 2019 learning adventure is about to begin. It’s time to grab your school shoes, sports shoes, hiking boots…. 

Narelle Umbers
“It’s not about the shoes, it’s about what you do in them.” – Michael Jordan