Every day the Marsden school corridors are filled with unique perspectives, passions, curiosity and connection. Every individual plays a significant role in making this school the incredible place that it is, and MChats offers an opportunity to capture you and the part you play in this - your stories, experiences, and advice... so that others can learn, be inspired and have the confidence to share their own. Made by Marsden girls, for Marsden girls. 

Lessons learnt from Outward Bound: Samantha

"The goals you set yourself on Outward's important to bring those back to your real life and actually enforce them rather than just talk about it" 

Lessons learnt from Outward Bound: Grace

"Our watch used a marker to write messages on our arms for the times in the marathon when we thought we couldn’t run any further. My friend wrote on my arm ‘one step at a time’ and this is something that has stuck with me even when I am home"

Lessons learnt from Outward Bound: Elise

“I also ended up doing a lot of thinking about the person I am…and with me being a person who doesn’t take myself particularly seriously this is never really something I have done…it was such a special time for me to be alone with my thoughts…being able to focus on the person I want to be"

Lessons learnt from Outward Bound: Tegan

"We need to truly value these things..positivity, human connection and having a really good attitude…and also a little bit of good old grit and grace"

Remarkable time project: Isabel

"I researched about the effects these heavy backpacks have on young school children and I found it’s an increasingly big issue because these young children, their skeletons are still developing so these heavy backpacks could potentially damage their backs for life..."

Remarkable time project: Paige

"I chose to do these things because I wanted to use my voice as a student to impact change in my own community. I wanted to show that teenagers...can join the conversation even when there are mostly adults in the room!" 

Samoa service trip: Becky

“Most people in my host sister’s village won’t ever be able to go to college because they just don’t earn enough money. I think that’s really sad and that makes me think about how privileged I am to go to university... and how I can use that privilege… it put things into perspective for me"

Samoa service trip: Jemma

“When we were teaching them ukulele they hadn’t played was really cool seeing them pull it all together as a performance at the end…you really felt like you were having an impact on these kids” 

Samoa service trip: Sim

"While I was there I realised you don’t need materialistic things to be happy…all you need are your friends, your family, people you love…”

Leadership: Anjali

“Cultural week…it’s more than sharing talents and supporting each other, it’s using that to give service back to the community through the money you raise"

Leadership: Imogen

"Working with a committee, you have to be the one that’s organised and pushing people along a bit. If you don’t get something done then there’s no one telling you ‘you need to do this!’

Leadership: House captains

"House music…it’s cool to see something you’ve worked on come together and come to life"

“What I learnt is how rewarding a challenge is… ever since I started the position I never found it easy talking to a big group of people and trying to take charge…when we won [house music] I felt really proud that there was such a big change because it wasn’t an easy path to get there"