Welcome to Marsden

A warm welcome! Please find information regarding starting Marsden below.

Marsden's direction

If you are not familiar with Marsden's Strategic Plan 2019-2023, you can view the details here. Our strategic goals focus on:

- Future focused Learning and Teaching
- Wellbeing
- Quality Teachers
- Community Engagement
- Sustainable Operations.

Important dates

Please see the school calendar, at the bottom of the home page of our parent website MyMarsden, for school event and activity dates throughout the year. 

Term dates 2021

Please find the 2021 Term Dates here. 


Welcome to Preschool!    

The Preschool day begins at 8.15am and we encourage you all to arrive before 9am. Children are to be collected by 3.30pm.   

You will be given the timetable for the term, including specialist lessons, excursions, and any important dates.  

Please remember Term 1 is a ‘sun-smart’ term. Sunhats are compulsory for outdoor play, these can be purchased from NZ Uniforms.  

Please refer to the Preschool Handbook (flipbook version) or PDF for further information. If you have any questions, please contact me at helen.mcconnell@marsden.school.nz    

The Preschool teachers and I look forward to welcoming you all in the new year and working alongside you in 2021. 

Helen McConnell 
Head of Preschool

Primary School (Years 1-6)

Welcome to Marsden Primary! 
The school day for Year 1-6 students begins at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm.  

You can find a copy of the latest Primary Handbook here. 

The staff and I look forward to welcoming your daughter to school and working alongside you this year.

Ngā mihi 

Jennifer Ioannou 
Director of Marsden Primary

International Students

We warmly welcome our International sisters.

You are invited to attend the following event: 

Marsden International Students’  Welcome Event   
Wednesday 17 February
5.30pm - 7pm 
Marsden Cultural Centre.

This event is to welcome our Marsden international sisters and to allow all Homestay families to meet each other. All Marsden International Students and their host families are invited. Please indicate your acceptance of this invitation, with the number of people attending and any dietary requirements, by emailing rsvp@marsden.school.nz by Wednesday 10 February.

If you have any questions please contact me by emailing caroline.robertson@marsden.school.nz 

Mrs Caroline Robertson
Director of International Students

Years 7-13 students

Welcome to Marsden. You can find a copy of the Years 7-13 Student Handbook (flipbook version) here or download a PDF here. All Year 7-13 students will be given a hard copy.

Your daughter will have a student buddy for her first few weeks at Marsden and we encourage her to ask questions. A good idea is for her to go through the school calendar for the upcoming week with her buddy, so her buddy can explain the events coming up. All staff and students are here to help her settle in. Things may be different at Marsden than at her previous school. Please assure her that she is not expected to know everything, she can observe and participate as best as she can to start with. For example, we don't expect her to know all the songs and actions straight away!


The Marsden School uniform is available from NZ Uniforms. Their store is located at 168 Thorndon Quay, Wellington, phone (04) 238 4727. The store’s business hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5.00pm, and Saturday 9am – 4pm. Uniform can also be viewed and ordered online. For first fittings making an appointment is recommended.

We have a second-hand uniform Facebook group, ‘Marsden Uniform Resale’, where good quality pre-loved uniform is offered for sale to Marsden parents and caregivers. This is only open to Marsden parents and caregivers and you need a Facebook login to access it.
Summer uniform (left to right), Year 7-11, Primary, Preschool, Senior (Years 12/13).
Winter uniform (left to right), Year 7-11, Primary, Preschool, Senior (Years 12/13).
Navy pants are available for Year 7-13 students (worn above as summer uniform).

Sun smart policy and hats

Marsden takes sun safety very seriously. Bucket hats are compulsory for Preschool and Primary School students and the Marsden cap for Year 7-13 students, for wear during break times, sport, excursions and other outdoor activities. The Marsden straw hat is optional. We recommend that Primary School students do wear a sun hat on their way to and from school. We recommend that students in other year groups wear a school hat or cap when outside during lunch, sport, excursions and other outdoor activities during Terms 1 and 4. Hats and caps are available at the Uniform Shop. 

Stationery and Digital Devices (Primary and Years 7-13)

Stationery lists for Years 7-13 for 2021 can be found on the MyMarsden Stationery/Digital devices page. You will find details about Digital Device requirements on the same page, and details of the specials that PB Tech is offering Marsden families. Year 7-13 students, please bring your stationery to school when you start, it can be stored in your locker.

Students from Year 7 upwards are required to bring their own digital devices for learning.  We recommend a laptop for Years 7-13. If Year 7 to 9 students currently have a tablet or Chromebook they can continue to use these across their subjects. The iCentre has a range of devices that can be issued on a day to day basis. New students, please bring your device to school when you start so that we can organise logins for you. 

Primary students are not required to bring stationery except for a pencil case. In Years 3-6 students are welcome to bring a device such as an iPad, or laptop to use in class.  Please discuss with your daughter's teacher if you need further advice. 

Staying up to date

We have a number of ways of keeping you up to date with what is happening at Marsden.   

MyMarsden – This is the online website for parents/caregivers, students, and Old Girls (see image of the MyMarsden home page above). Please scroll through the menus to familiarise yourself with the school information available (iSITE has much useful information, also the 'Schools' pages). MyMarsden is where you will find the weekly message from the Principal, and all the day to day bits of information to help with life at Marsden e.g. notices, the school calendar, school news, uniform details, stationery/digital device details, the link for the MyMarsden Portal, a link to the Marsden Sport website, exam information, career information, staff email addresses and Old Girls information. MyMarsden can be accessed from the top right hand corner of our website.  The direct link to MyMarsden is here.

MyMarsden Portal – This portal gives you access to your child’s timetable, subject list, and reports. Your accounts – invoices and receipts are also available here. Each parent/caregiver who has indicated to the school that they wish to receive student/school information, will have their own login. New families to the school will receive login details via an email when they have enrolled. You can access the portal from the MyMarsden home page (green button with spider web on it).

School calendar and Term Dates – these are located at the bottom of the MyMarsden home page.

School App - Our School App allows for efficient and timely communications of school information. It is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Please download the 'SchoolApps NZ' App if you have not already done so. Downloading instructions can be found here.  Please remember to choose your notification groups, just go to the menu on your App, choose ‘Notice Subscriptions’ and tick the options to change.  

Marsden Newsletter – We send out a weekly e-newsletter with a message from the Principal, school news, student achievements, and links to the Year group notices pages, the School Calendar and community notices pages. The Marsden Newsletter is the best way to keep up to date with information and events at school, which apply to your child. The Marsden Newsletter is sent via email and via the School App. Note: if you cannot open links from the school newsletter on your mobile device please check whether you have the latest operating system, or try opening in another browser e.g. Google Chrome.    

Please find information about other ways we communicate with you here. These include our Facebook page, Youtube channel, Instagram, Preschool and Primary media galleries and more.   

Operoo - This is a parent driven system (previously known as 'Caremonkey') that we use to collect medical and emergency information, trip permission slips and forms for dissemination. The system provides parents with a secure way to share necessary medical information required by the school in the care of their child. If you are a new parent to Marsden you will have received an email from Operoo to register your details, as part of your enrolment process. 

Please update Operoo if  your child’s medical details change. If you have any login queries please contact us on 476 8707.      

If your Contact details change please contact us on 476 8707.

We’d love to hear from you   

If you have any questions about your child’s needs for Preschool please speak to Helen McConnell. For Years 1-6 please contact your daughter’s teacher and for Years 7–13 please contact your daughter’s Form/Tutor Teacher or Dean. Staff email addresses are in the format: firstname.lastname@marsden.school.nz

Your daughter's achievements

We’d love to hear if students achieve in their activities outside of school. Please send an email to your child's teacher and Marketing Manager inge.doig@marsden.school.nz This means we can share it with the Marsden Community and the media. If you send images please email them in the highest resolution (largest size) option - we then have the option to publish the photos in our annual Word from Marsden magazine or use it in other print media.

Your child's safety

Police vetting    

The school endeavours to provide the safest possible environment for students. Staff are police checked and the school requires any adults with responsibility for, or contact with, students to agree to a police check.

This includes parents who volunteer to coach or manage a sports team or cultural group, who accompany a school field trip, accompany camps etc. The staff member involved with the activity will provide the appropriate forms to volunteers or these can be obtained directly from Alison McManus alison.mcmanus@marsden.school.nz 

The names of accompanying adult volunteers will be made available to the parents of all students participating in any trip, excursion, sports, cultural activity or camp. This may be via a further letter or email to parents if a first letter is sent seeking volunteers. If a parent has concerns about the suitability of any volunteer (from a student safety perspective) they should raise this in the first instance with the staff member arranging the activity.

Civil Defence and Emergency     

In an emergency the school will look after all students until they can be collected by an authorised individual. Please note that in a civil defence situation, only caregivers or those people specifically named as emergency contacts can collect a student from school. This applies to all students from Preschool to Year 13. It would be particularly helpful if one of your emergency contacts is someone who lives locally. 

Each year you are asked to check and confirm your contact details, the emergency contacts you have provided, and relevant medical details relating to students. Please take the opportunity to update this information with the school so that it is accurate in case of a civil defence emergency.

Safety around cars    

The safety of our students and staff is paramount.

Please do not drive onto the school grounds when delivering or collecting children. Students must be dropped outside the school grounds at all times unless exceptional arrangements have been made in advance and agreed with the Principal or Director of Primary. Our road ways are used throughout the day by pedestrians, including our younger students, so if you are driving onto the school grounds for any other purpose please use the Marsden Ave entrance only and adhere to the speed limit (walking speed only).   

To maintain safe walking routes for students at the beginning and end of the school day: 

- the Vera Street entrance is closed between 3pm–4pm
- the Donald Street entrance is closed between 8am–4pm
- the Marsden Ave entrance is closed between 7.45am-9am and 2.45pm-4pm. 

Please also respect our neighbours and their rights to quiet enjoyment of their properties. Turning in, or driving onto, their driveways or garden areas should be avoided. Many roads adjacent to the school feature broken yellow lines - which means stopping or parking is illegal – doing so causes obstruction or danger to other road users, whether these are drivers, cyclists, pedestrians or buses. Please observe all such traffic signs at all times.


We are very proud of the exceptional team of teaching and support staff we have at Marsden!

If you have any specific queries throughout the year please contact your daughter's teacher (class teacher in Primary or Form/Tutor Teacher in the Upper School), or your year group Dean. 

Senior Management team

Narelle Umbers  Principal
Margaret Adeane  Academic Director
Anne Field  Director - Pastoral Care
Jennifer Ioannou   Director of Marsden Primary
Hilary Fiennes  Chief Operating Officer

Senior Leaders

Caroline Robertson  Director of International Students
Adair Grant    Director of Student Achievement
Martine Foster         Community Development Director


Rebecca George        Associate Dean with responsibility for Yr7
Jane Hazelton     Associate Dean with responsibility for Yr8
Aylana Wright    Associate Dean with responsibility for Yr9
Anita Stark    Associate Dean with responsibility for Yr10

Anne Field      Dean Years 7-13
Carolyn Towell     Associate Dean with responsibility for Yr11
Tracey Allen     Associate Dean with responsibility for Yr12
Year 13 parents, please use Anne Field as your contact. 

Helen McConnell   Head of Preschool 
Inge Doig                 Marketing and Communications Manager

Staff email addresses are in the format: firstname.lastname@marsden.school.nz

You can find our Staff Directory here.

The Health Team

Our Health team (left to right) Sarah King, Anne Field, Kerry Schiff, Sophie Bank, Janet Callaghan, Wendy Carroll.
Body, Mind and Spirit - at Marsden we actively nurture and develop student wellbeing.  

The Marsden Health team is committed to helping students live their lives positively and in all its fullness. We are available for students to catch up with as follows:   

Sophie Bank is our NZAC registered Counsellor and Dr Kerry Schiff is our Clinical Psychologist. Sometimes life feels overwhelming; being a teenager is complicated. If your daughter is feeling anxious, lacking in self-confidence or struggling in a friendship, talking to someone often helps. Sophie and Kerry are experienced at listening and helping to understand emotions. For more information your daughter is invited to confidentially contact Sophie at sophie.bank@marsden.school.nz and Kerry at kerry.schiff@marsden.school.nz    

Our registered nurse Janet Callaghan runs a drop in clinic, for students, from 9.30am – 3pm each day. No appointment is necessary. For more information contact Janet at janet.callaghan@marsden.school.nz or call 476 8792 Ext 819.

Chaplain Sarah King is one of the people at school that you can talk to about big questions like - How do I know God is real? Who is Jesus? How do I pray? Wrestling with doubt and faith is all part of life’s spiritual journey. Sarah is always willing to listen and help explore these big, or smaller, questions. For more information contact Sarah at sarah.king@marsden.school.nz   

Parents/caregivers are also welcome to touch base with us at any time.  

Cultural Programme

Marsden offers a wide range of cultural activities and there are many opportunities for your daughter to get involved. Playing and enjoying music at Marsden opens the door to a lifelong appreciation of the performing arts. We have choirs, orchestras, a rock band, flute ensembles and handbell ringing, as well as the academic Music curriculum which includes our fun and innovative Year 7 Band programme. Specialist teachers are available during the school day for students to have private tuition in the instrument of their choice. 

Our Composer-in-Residence programme gives music students the very real opportunity to experience a composer at work. During their residency, the composer takes workshops with the girls and composes a unique piece of music for Marsden.  

We encourage our girls to join in the School Production. Performing as a team in front of an audience builds confidence and great camaraderie. For those not seeking the limelight we offer technical workshops alongside the school production.  

There are opportunities to perform in the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival, to debate, dance, join Kapa Haka or take Speech and Drama lessons from our specialist tutors.

Please find further co-curricular details and registration forms here. 

Year 10-13 Production

In 2021, our senior production is the musical Chicago and involves students in Years 10-13. 

Rehearsals are on Thursdays after school and Sundays during Term 1 and early term 2.

Performances will be Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 May at Marsden.

Cultural Handbook

The Cultural Book contains information on the range of activities at Marsden and can be found on this page or as a flipbook, along with the online registration forms. If you have any questions, please email the Cultural Coordinator, Sarah Wilson at sarah.wilson@marsden.school.nz or call on (04) 476 8792 Ext 844.  

Recognising achievements  

It is really important to us to recognise the success of our students in (school and external) cultural activities. Please email sarah.wilson@marsden.school.nz and inge.doig@marsden.school.nz  if your daughter has achieved something throughout the year that should be celebrated. If you are able to send high resolution photos that would also be much appreciated.   

Private music lessons 

Please see here for private music lesson details and the registration form. Private music lessons are available for Years 3-13 students.  

Performance Diploma in Speech and Drama 

Your daughter can leave school with a Performance Diploma in Speech and Drama. She can start her journey at Years 7, 8 or 9.  Speech and Drama classes are also available for Years 3-6 students. Classes are available at lunchtime or after school. There are no Speech and Drama classes in Term 4. For registration details and further information please contact Jan Avison on 021 446 600 or email janavison@gmail.com  

Sport (Primary and Years 7-13)

Sports Programme 

At Marsden, we believe that sport teaches students about sportsmanship, teamwork, courage and healthy physical activity. We want Marsden girls to be gracious winners and good losers. We’d like all girls to take up a sport in 2021 and we have fantastic programmes to develop their sports skills. 

Marsden Sports website

The Marsden sports website is the best please to find all information about sport at Marsden. This site is dedicated to Marsden sport draws, registration information, news, results, details of the Swifts Talent Centre, our Physiotherapy Clinic and more. Please refer to it throughout the year: www.marsdensport.school.nz/

Sports registrations

For students (Years 3-8) starting throughout the year, sport registrations can be made by contacting Sports Coordinator Kathrynn Petrie on 476 8707 or kathrynn.petrie@marsden.school.nz

If you are starting school during the year in Year 7-13 and would like to join a non-trialed sports team please contact Director of Sports Eliott Brookes eliott.brookes@marsden.school.nz

Years 7–13 Athletic Sports, Newtown Park, Monday 22 February 2021 (Week 4)

Our first Years 7-13 sports event of the year is Athletics, which will be held at Newtown Park on Monday 22 February. This is a fun day filled with lots of school spirit. It is a House competition that allows everyone to compete both on the track and in a range of field events. Students are to wear their House t-shirts and PE shorts or track suits. Sports shoes are a must. Students make their own way to Newtown Park for an 8.25am roll call and will be dismissed from the park at approximately 2.45pm. There is a bus available to take students back to Karori and regular school buses leave Marsden at 3.30pm. You will receive an email to reserve a seat on the returning bus. The day’s activities include the March Past, a sausage sizzle and the highlight is form class and House relays to complete the day. A programme will be included in the weekly Marsden Newsletter and will be emailed to you and will be available on the School App. Parents are encouraged to come along and support their daughters on this exciting and action packed day.


The Arrowsmith Program is a cognitive training programme designed to strengthen the capacity of cognitive functions and is particularly effective for students with learning differences such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and auditory and visual processing difficulties. The programme works with students within the enrolled school population who may have typical profiles (ideal fit for programme) or atypical profile (more complex cognitive needs). Please refer here  for more information and you can contact Jennifer Ioannou on (04) 476 8792 ext 848 or jennifer.ioannou@marsden.school.nz if you'd like more information.

Subject selection - new students Years 9-13

If you have enrolled in Years 9-13 please complete a subject selection form, and return it via email to leigh.mccathie@marsden.school.nz

You can find copies of our Year Programmes and Curriclum Overview for 2021 here. And subject selection forms can be printed from this page.


Please refer to this close to starting school as information and routes may change. 

Please find information about buses/transport to Marsden here.

We currently run a shuttle service from Eastbourne, with various pick up points. 

If you would like to use a shuttle in 2021 please contact Jo Sherlock jo.sherlock@marsden.school.nz or call 476 8792 ext 832.   


Cafeteria services are provided by Fine Cuisine. The Cafeteria is open between 8.00am - 1.30pm during term time. The Cafeteria operates on a cash or EFTPOS system. Preschool and Primary families will be provided with a list of food available and ordering details.


Please notify the school by 8.30am of your child's absence or lateness. 

Please email absences@marsden.school.nz or call 476 8707.

You can also communicate your child's absence via the School App. Messages may be left 24 hours a day. Parents are asked not to request leave or time out of school for students during the term unless absolutely necessary. If an absence is required the request should be made well in advance, in writing, to the Principal. Dental and medical appointments and driving lessons should be made outside of school hours. 

Student ID cards with snapper

Year 7-13 students new to Marsden will have their photo taken when they start school and will be issued a few weeks later with a Snapper enabled Student ID card. The card costs $20. If your daughter loses her ID card or is experiencing problems with her card please contact the school office on 476 8707. Please register the Snapper online by creating a Snapper account so that you can view the transaction summary and type of concession. The card can be topped up at dairies and other Snapper providers and through the Snapper App. 

Note: Users must remember to tag on entering the bus AND tag off when leaving the bus to avoid penalty charges.


Marsden has six Houses in the Upper School (Years 7-13): 

Baber - green
Hadfield Beere - purple
Jellicoe - yellow
Johnson - orange
Richmond - blue
Swainson Riddiford - red

In Primary (Years 1-6) the Houses are:

Fitzherbert - yellow
Innes - blue
Sprott - red

Employment at Marsden

If you'd like to join us at Marsden check out our Employment page.

See you at school!