Health & Wellbeing

P: 476 8792 ext 701
School Nurse:
P: 476 8792 ext 819

Health & Wellbeing Team

Marsden School has a dedicated Health and Wellbeing Team with a strong commitment to a school-wide system of care for the wellbeing of our students. It is part of the special character and philosophy of the school.

The nurse  runs a clinic at the end of the corridor in Marsden House. The hours are 9:30am to 2:30pm every school day. 

The Chaplain's role at Marsden is to encourage and equip our students to explore the richness of a spiritual life. This is important for all of us as it helps us find meaning, find hope and find health.


Please email or phone the school by 8:30am to report absence or lateness. The email address for absences is and the Absentee Voice Mailbox is 476 8792 ext 701 (this mailbox can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Any pupil wishing to be excused from school, except for medical and dental appointments, must obtain prior permission. If the absence is to be of some duration, approval must be sought from the Director of Primary well in advance.

No pupil may leave school during school hours without permission of a staff member.

Sunblock and Hats

Wearing a regulation sunhat is compulsory every day in summer terms for all children in the playground. (Please note straw hats are part of the 'dress' uniform and should not be worn in the playground.)

Medical Issues

Children should stay home until 24 hours after the last incident of vomiting or diarrhoea, or if their temperature is elevated.

Any child with a contagious disease must remain at home until such time as it is no longer contagious. Our School Nurse will be happy to advise you. Please call 04 476 8792 ext 819 to speak with her.

Any pupil who contracts head lice must remain at home until it has been treated.

The school will contact you if your child is unwell and needs to go home. The School Nurse will assist sick children and will care for them in the medical room until parents arrive to collect them.

Administration of Medication

If medication must be administered during the school day, please complete this form giving your permission. Any serious medical condition should be discussed with the School Nurse and the Primary Director.


CareMonkey is a parent driven system that we are currently using to collect medical and emergency information, trip permission slips and forms for dissemination. The system provides parents with a secure way to share necessary medical information required by the school in the care of their child. If you are a new parent to Marsden you will receive an email from CareMonkey to register your details. Please update CareMonkey if your contact details or your child’s medical details change.     


Wheelchair access is possible in the main Primary School and in the ground floor of Clere House.