Service, cultural and curriculum-based trips

Each year Marsden offers a number of international trips which can enhance our students’ educational experience. These trips are not a required part of the curriculum and are entirely optional but nevertheless are an invaluable way of learning. An international school trip is very different from a family holiday, requiring a high level of commitment to learning, curiosity, engagement, a willingness to try new experiences, co-operation, self-management and resilience. School trips are highly organised with very little down time for relaxation. They offer a full-on and unforgettable experience.  
Outlined in the resource links to this page are our proposed international travel offerings for 2020 and 2021. We make this available to help you plan ahead.  All trips are subject to confirmation and are dependent on numbers and other circumstances that may prevail at the time. As we seek expressions of interest for individual trips, students and parents will be notified.  Feel free to make further inquiries with the listed contact person if you wish to know more ahead of that time.

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