Resources for Busy Parents


We know parenting doesn't come with instructions, that's why we are delighted to offer SchoolTV, a convenient 24/7 resource to support modern-day parenting. The link below gives access to loads of information with realistic and practical strategies.
The alarming statistics above are just a snap shot of the issues and challenges facing today's youth. (Source: SchoolTV)
SchoolTV is a wellbeing platform that offers sound advice and practical strategies.

Visible Wellbeing™

Visible Wellbeing™ is a holistic, comprehensive, science-based and highly successful wellbeing education approach, developed by renowned psychologist and researcher Professor Lea Waters PhD.

Launched at Marsden in 2019. We are proud to be New Zealand’s first Visible Wellbeing™ School.

Wellbeing Support

Our health and wellbeing team is here to support students and parents.
Contact us if you wish to discuss anything Health and Wellbeing Team.