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Team Preschool

This week it has been all about 'Team Preschool' as our youngest students focused on the character strength of Teamwork.  Their biggest achievement was running the cross country in awful conditions, they were so proud of themselves and each other as no one gave up, reaching the finish line and splashing through puddles along the way. They've also completed some fun team projects, the Matariki poster, team Jiggle Jam and team-baked a cake to celebrate Teacher Aide, Philippa Gordan's one year anniversary at Preschool. Ka pai! See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (02/07/2020)

Balloon Rockets

This week in Preschool we say farewell to Saud and Azzam, we will miss them and wish them all the very best in their future adventures. With a focus on Matariki students have been learning how to weave whetu and thinking about their hopes and wishes for the future. Some wished to fly in a rocket, so as part of our science focus we made balloon rockets that took off, some went fast along the string and some went whizzz in circles. It was a lot of fun and students were curious about why the rockets moved differently. Curiosity is our strength this week.  See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (25/06/2020)

Making Paper and Matariki Stars

Finishing off their 'Looking after our Planet' inquiry, Preschool students have learnt how to make recycled paper this week. They enjoyed the process of ripping used paper into small bits, mixing it with water to create a pulp then squeezing it out, before pressing it flat to dry. They have also begun to celebrate Matariki by making whetu that will shine in the Matariki window. These are wishing whetu for all their hopes and dreams! See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (18/06/2020)

Baking is back!

Baking is Back! Yes, with the announcement of COVID-19 level 1 also came the excitement that we can bake again and our Preschool students were thrilled. Starting with pikelets, they measured, mixed, added eggs and cooked some delicious treats to share. Level 1 also means our students can explore again with playdough, gloop and messy play, and with the sun shining over the sandpit there is nothing more fun than mixing water with sand. It's been a great messy week! See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (10/06/2020)

Bouncing Eggs

This week Preschool students finished their bouncing egg experiment. The raw eggs had been soaking in vinegar all week. It was amazing to see and feel them, they were all soft and slimy and didn't feel at all like a normal egg shell. When rubbed the colour came off and we could see the yolk inside. One of them had expanded and we couldn't get it out of the shell. Finally it went pop and out it came, it felt rubbery and students took turns bouncing it. Then they asked Ms McConnell to "bounce it higher" and ... it went splat .... egg everywhere! It was very funny but also very messy! See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (04/06/2020)

Recycling and carton creativity

This week in Preschool we said farewell to Margot S who has transitioned to Marsden Primary and welcomed Isla E and her family.  As part of our inquiry focus we have been looking at recycling and reusing old objects we no longer need. So this week has been all about boxes, boxes and more boxes! Working in groups we talked about what we could build, and some fantastic ideas were shared, a bouncing robot, a car and a rainbow unicorn. Using old boxes and cartons collected during lockdown, students set about building something new from their imaginations – what fantastic teamwork and amazing creativity! They have also enjoyed being scientists, investigating what happens to an egg when we add vinegar? Apparently it will bounce... we are looking forward to seeing the result in a few days. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (29/05/2020)

Preschool create Teabag Garden

This week in Preschool we welcomed two new students, Flavia and Louie, and their whānau. It was lovely to see the rest of our students back, they've enjoyed seeing all of their friends and rediscovering everything on offer – the sandpit was missed by many. The topic focus this term is exploring the sustainable development goals, looking after people, animals and the environment. Students have created a teabag garden, planting seeds in some reused tea bags, it will be exciting to see the seeds grow bigger and bigger. See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (21/05/2020)

Preschool get Musical

Preschool's inquiry focus this term is investigating sustainable development goals, with the focus on recycling. Students created musical instruments using recycled materials, tins, wrapping and tissue paper, bottles, boxes and more from around the home for our Preschool band. They have been practicing super hard with drums, shakers, maracas and guitars during daily mat times, playing some favourite tunes. (07/05/2020)

Environmental Art

With a focus on looking after our environment - our land, animals, community, people, places and things, Preschool children have been exploring and making lots of observations in their gardens and when out on bubble walks in their community. It was lots of fun making some autumn art, collecting leaves and rocks from outside and making patterns and pictures with them – hedgehogs, leaf people, and even some autumn leaf trees. (29/04/2020)

Learning @ Home

Preschool has been busy exploring and learning at home. With it being letter 'H' week, there were many items to share. Hose, Hurricane ball, Hats, Hooks and even their Houses! Easter meant we were able to share some Easter activities and think about what Easter means to us.  Easter pancakes with delicious fruit are a lot of fun to make and eat. See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (20/04/2020)

Programming Beebots

With transport as our inquiry focus we began some travel planning for our friends 'Bee' and 'Bot'.  This included planning a path and directions, programming our instructions and seeing if they were able to travel in the correct direction.  'Bee' and 'Bot' would often go in different directions, so we needed to correct them and off they went again. We will continue creating different paths, roads and tracks for them in the coming weeks.

Our letter of the week is letter 'e' ... egg, elephant and earmuffs are some of our letter tree objects this week.  We also had a great time with Egg carton artwork making some eggapillars and some elephant handprints. See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (12/03/2020)

Bike Day

Preschool have been continuing their investigation into transport this week, with Bike Day. All the children brought in their wheels and most importantly their helmets which they decorated with colourful streamers that flew behind them in the wind. With a wiggly path to follow, one by one, our students went scootering and biking across the courts, some fast and some slow and it was exciting to see the level of confidence increasing as the day went on.
An important message was keeping ourselves and others safe when on our wheels and road safety has been an area of discussion over the week. Students practiced on our 'pretend' pedestrian crossing, looking left/right/left, recognising different road signs and what they mean.... "Twinkle, twinkle traffic light... standing on the corner bright". See more photos in our Preschool media gallery. (05/03/2020)

Sun, Sand and Water, the perfect combination!

This week we welcomed Junyi and Ruby to our Preschool whanau along with their families.  We have enjoyed getting to know you all this week. The letter of the week is 'C' and so we took part in some 'Cooking' mixing together a delicious batch of 'Chocolate Cupcakes' to share during our picnic lunch under the tree.  With the sun coming out this week we have enjoyed more time outdoors, including mat and lunch times. Water introduced into our sand play has been a lot of fun, mixing some mud pies, squishing our feet and hands in the water which felt 'cold' and constructing a big river with a dam to stop the water running.  This was a team approach and required the diggers, dump trucks and spades as the tamariki worked together to direct the water in the right direction.Our continued focus on transport is ongoing and with our fire evacuation last week 'fire trucks' have become a topic of discussion for the tamariki.  With sirens and fire engines being included in our dramatic play. See more photos in our Preschool media gallery. (27/02/2020)

Preschool brainstorm the Letter 'B'

It's Week 3 in Preschool and the letter is 'B'. There are so many words that begin with the letter 'B'. Book, Bunny, Ball, Blue, Banana and Bus. With the blue dough we made beautiful butterflies and boats. Another 'B' word is Baking, and this week we used, baking soda, butter, baking powder, bananas and bowls to beat our delicious B cake. We have also begun our inquiry focus - exploring Ngā Waka - trains, planes and cars.  Some of the questions the tamariki have asked are, "Do sea planes have wheels?" "Why do planes have a pilot?" and "How do planes fly?"  We will be answering all these questions during the term. See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (20/02/2020)

Treaty and Letter 'A'

This week Preschool has been focusing on 'relationships and friendships',  what does it mean to be a good friend? We spent time thinking about this in relation to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, writing our own Te Tiriti o Marsden Preschool, sharing, listening and thinking about what we can do.  "Look after our plants and birds and Pippa the Cat" was one suggestion and also "Be nice to other children" and "Look after our families".  Every student signed our agreement with a handprint. The letter of the week is 'A'. Lot's of words begin with A, including Anzac Biscuits which we made and shared during our lunch kai. We have had four new tamariki settling this term and our older Preschoolers have demonstrated their kindness as they manaki our new tamariki into the Preschool whanau. See more photos in the Preschool media gallery.  (12/02/2020)

Term 1, 2020

Week one in Preschool has been busy with the focus of Whakawhanaungatanga - building relationships and a sense of belonging within the Marsden Preschool Whānau. We welcomed three new tamariki this week. Using the story the Rainbow Fish we talked about making new friendships and what it means to be a good friend to each other. We then created our own rainbow fish to display on the preschool walls. Many of our learning experiences have focused on introducing and remembering the preschool routines, kai times, meal times and activity time. Today we have been baking some delicious biscuits and making some Chinese lanterns as we discuss Chinese New Year, the year of the Rat, while also talking about Waitangi Day and writing our own preschool treaty. (07/02/2020)

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